Mary E. S. Mohair, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Irene C. Rechnic, B.A.
Teacher of French & German
Thomas F. King, B.S., A.M.

Now, by way of the magic of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, more than a half century old images are as clear (or almost) as the day they were taken!
Young men with big, heavy balls!
Kneeling, left to right: Paul VanderValk, Danny Moore, Joe Iannucci.  Standing, left to right: Richie Thomasey & Billy Terwilliger.
Bobby Osol cut an elegant figure on the tennis court.
Joe Iannucci was a steady force to be reckoned with on the tennis courts.
Program cover signed by Joe Corso
Staff of our school newspaper, "The Pilot", as of December, 1964
Our late classmate, Maryann Catherine Wall, on the evening of our senior prom, which was held at the Hickory Hill Country Club in Totowa, New Jersey on
Friday, May 21, 1965. 
Our wonderful music teacher, Mr. Joseph L. Romanchak, was more than four decades ahead of his time! In 1964, he was planning an expanded high school choir whose members would be outfitted with new blazers. He further envisioned that the new choir would compete against similar groups from other schools. Fast forward some forty-five years and you have the first airing of the popular TV show, "Glee"!  The beloved Mr. Romanchak was a resident of Mountain Top, Pensylvania when he passed away at the age of 84 on Thursday, November 16. 2017.
Our brilliant and talented classmate, David Hughes, not only scored a perfect 800 on his College Board Physics exam, but he was an accomplished flutist as well! Unfortunately, I've lost track of David, having last had written contact with him in 1995 or thereabouts. He seems to have disappeared. If anyone knows his whereabouts or contact information, please let me know.
Have you ever tried to recall who took whom to our senior prom? Perhaps you don't even remember with whom you went! (Ah, the undying influence of Bea Bartlett is in evidence here.)  Well, I somehow became the guardian of two very faded mimeographed* documents from 1965, and again through the magic of Photoshop Elements 10, the dimmed images re-emerged from obscurity . . . to haunt us. For those who've forgotten, our senior prom was held the evening of Friday, May 21th, 1965, at the Hickory Hill (almost typed "Hell"!) Country Club in Totowa, New Jersey.
*referring to a duplicating machine that created purple, highly fadable copies from a stencil. This obsolete technology was replaced by the photocopier. Does this not make you feel ancient?
Uh, Donna? What's the storyl here? Inquiring minds want to know.
What's left of the once great Pinto's Italian Restaurant on Green Street in Hackensack
The old gym at HHHS
Another shot of the remains of Pinto's Restaurant
Rich Ruymen's dental office on Valley Boulevard in Wood-Ridge
Depken Field's southern goalpost
Possibly the most well known intersection in Hasbrouck Heights​​
The entrance to Woodland Park at the base of the hill on Harrison Avenue
The new gym added to the back of HHHS after we'd graduated
This relatively recent photo of one of the hallways at HHHS shows that much hasn't changed since 1965

Our studly football coaches, left to right:
Fred Barakat, John Fedele, Leonard Masucci
​Thanks to John Greco for the link to this photo!
The Grosso's wedding day, Saturday, November 22, 1969. Left to right: Frank Calabrese, Rob Russo, Pete DeLuca, Bob Grosso, Carolyn Grosso.  You'd have to ask Bob or Carol who the rest are!
November 22, 1969, and Bob and Carol Grosso are now man and wife!
George and Mariruth Wild were also married on Saturday, November 22, 1969
John Giaimo, Peter Giaimo, Linda Percussi
in a photo taken on June 20, 2019
Linday Perucussi, her mom, and Linda's sister Kathy
Lovely Patricia Vadine, psychotherapist extraordinaire
Joanne Barrett, Christmas 2018
Sharon Rand Mizrachi and son Gary
Kahy Viehl's birth announcement. Her date of arrival: October 6, 1947
The bills for Kathy Viehl's birth! My, how times have changed!!!
A flyer from one of my performances during my time as a cabaret singer in Manhattan during the 90's. My favorite place to perform was a club called "Don't Tell Mama", which is still in existence.  "Jan Wallman's", the club alluded to in the flyer, has been closed many a year, and the proprietor, Jan, is now booking acts in heaven . . . or so some would like to think. Jan was very well-known in NYC performing circles, and when I initially auditioned for her, I almost peed in my pants! Ah, the good memories!