Two photos taken at one of our earlier class reunions . . . perhaps the 25th?
Skip and Joellyn (Lagattuta) Belhumer at our 50th reunion in 2015
Ed Mabel stands before the plaque at HHHS which honors his athletic achievments
Skip and Joellyn brought their fabulous, classic '57 Ford convertible to our 50th reunion
Rob Russo and long-time partner Daryl Grant Lindsay clowning around in Rob's tiny E.75th St. Manhattan apartment in 1987
Art teacher, Tony Antonelli, with the last litter of Maltese dogs he and his wife raised.
Ron and Carole (Langer) Weaver cut their 45th (?) anniversary cake
The famous Claremont Diner in its early days. Remember the big bucket of pickles on every table?
The three handsome Thomasey progeny.
Maryann Catherine Wall Schibinger on her wedding day.
Lovely Carole Ann Langer in 1963
Gary Basralian, Pete DeLuca, Bruce Sartori, Frank Calabrese, Ed Mabel and Bob Grosso at our 50th reunion in 2015
Lincoln School Class
How many of our classmates can you name?
Seventh Grade
Please don't expect me to name all these tykes!
Chuck Roth at a function at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2018
Just checking to see if you're paying attention! This voluptuous maid adorns a shelf in our downstairs powder room. Note how coyly she's eyeing the can of Glade! 
Rob Russo (then affectionately known as "Bobby" Russo) hanging with the local ladies on Madison Avenue in Paterson, NJ, circa 1953
Rob Russo with dear friend, Francesca, on a lazy, hazy, beer soaked afternoon on the Miles River on the eastern shore of Maryland in 1993 . . . or thereabouts.  Francesca had a crab sandwich with all the crab's appendages hanging out over the bun. I thought it looked disgusting. She ate it with gusto!
Rob Russo in Central Park in 1984
Jan DeLuca, Carolyn Grosso, and Kathy Odoksta Hudak showing their balls to the cameraman in Ft. Meyers, Florida, circa 2018
Photo montage of John Livaccari in various states at various times
I'm sure everyone in our class remembers "The Old Homestead" on Terrace Avenue. Coming back from Hackensack, it was my landmark that told me I was almost home
How many of you remember the national headquarters of Shulton (the makers of Old Spice cologne) which used to occupy a large tract of land along the Garden State Parkway at the intersection of Route 46 in Clifton, NJ?
Psychotherapist Patricia Vadine looking pensive.
Is there anyone our age who did not own a copy of the Beatles' Rubber Soul album? I actually have a copy on my IPhone.
Two beautiful ladies! Sharon Williams-Dowd and her mom, Carol DiPisa Williams. The love they have for each other just leaps out of the photo!
Left to right: Carol DiPisa Williams, Bobby Williams, Sharon Williams-Dowd, Brian Dowd
Carolyn Grosso (Bob's wife) at a 60's themed party at Rob Russo's Aygrigg Ave. apartment in Passaic, circa 1979
The Amoco service station that stood at the southeast corner of The Boulevard at Williams Ave. If you're like me, you'd give your eyeteeth for that vintage Corvette!
The 50th Reunion Committee had a planning session in a motel room in Hasbrouck Heights early in 2015. Left to right: John Giaimo, Cynthia Baran McBrearty, Peter Giaimo, Linda Percussi, Maria Caccamese Benkovic, Rob Russo, Carol DiPisa Williams. Absent that day: Jo-Ann Barnao Glock
An ashtray from beloved and sorely missed Italian Restaurant, Pinto's, which stood at 96 Green St. in Hackensack, NJ. What I wouldn't give for a plate of their chicken parm!
The Giaimo twins visited Rob and Daryl in Delware during the summer of 2017 (?). Here Peter Giaimo peruses a sing-along sheet as Daryl plays the piano.
Speaking of Italian restaurants, who remembers Mario's which resided on Route 4 in Paramus for much of our formative years?
Maryann Wall Schibinger's wedding day, circa 1969. From left to right: Richard Wall, Sr.; Sophie Wall; Maryann Wall Schibinger; Nick Schibinger; and Richard "Speedy" Wall, Jr. Sadly, everyone in this photo is now deceased!
Maryann Catherine Wall in 1964
The long gone Villa Esposito Restaurant, which occupied a corner of the Bergen Mall parking lot bordering Route 17, in the late 50's and early 60's. The food there was exquisite, and the Italian side of my family often ate there on "special occasions".
It's a Friday night football game under the lights during the winter of 1964-65, and three lasses from our class are serving up hot chocolate and other delights at the stand at what's now known as "Depken Field". Your servers that evening were Linda LaBarba, Janet Giuricich, and Nancy Casale.
A HHHS classroom in a photo I took in 2015
Holly's Restaurant on Route 4 in Teaneck was a popular hangout for lots of Farleigh Dickinson University students. While my sister attended school there, my family wound up eating at Holly's many times, and it was always enjoyable.
Construction of the classroom addition to the high school began in our senior year. We'd never get to use the new facilities as they were completed after we'd graduated,. The space included a new library. Of course, we don't call them school "libraries" these days. They're "media centers", don't you know!
I took this photo in 2014 and was surprised to see Lovey's sporting the same glitzy sign I watched them put up in 1964 or thereabouts!
The program from our Baccalaureate service. Quite honestly, I don't recall this event at all. Look who officiated!
Carol Meiburg's dad. 
A montage of several of my high school report cards. If you think I'm going to share what's contained inside these, you're out of your mind! All I'll say is that Mr. Kreitman labeled me "an underachiever". Yeah, right.
The first establishment I recall at the corner of Essex St. and Polifly Rd. in Hackensack was Charcoal Corners . . . where I consumed dozens of burgers.  That restaurant was replaced by The Arena Diner, pictured above. Now, I've learned that The Arena Diner has been torn down, most likely to make way for another building for the ever-expanding Hackensack Medical Center.
Rob Russo with Bill Tebbenhoff (HHHS, Class of 1964) at Rob's Aycrigg Ave. apartment in Passaic, circa 1979.
Residents of Hasbrouck Heights still love their high school football games. Here's a video that appeared on a local newscast in 2018 or thereabouts.
Carolyn and Bob Grosso cutting a rug and looking quite spiffy at a 50's themed party at Rob Russo's Passaic apartment, circa 1979
A view of Hasbrouck Heights High School in a photo I took on a cloudy day in 2014
The long-awaited, glorious day my braces finally came off. This must have been during sophomore year in 1962. Right from the orthodontist's office, I had my mom drive me to one of those four-for-a dollar photo booths so I could document the end of "metal mouth"!
Carol DiPisa Williams (pictured at the center of this group) started her career as a 5th grade teacher at Euclid School, earning the title  as the first ever Hasbrouck Heights "Teacher of the Year" along the way! In time, with an additional degree under her belt, she worked her way up to a post in the Guidance Department of Hasbrouck Heights High School, serving for many years as a counselor, where she undoubtedly assisted many students in their quests to achieve meaningful, psychologically healthy adulthoods.
"Down the shore" with some of my family during the summer of 1956 or thereabouts. From left to right: my paternal grandfather, Alfonso Russo; my Aunt Jackie Minero (one of my father's sisters); my cousin Midge Minero; Midge's paternal grandmother, Carmelina Minero; Bobby Russo (me); my maternal grandmother, Rosaria Russo; my cousin Tommy Minero. The place was on the boardwalk at Asbury Park. I'm wearing a sweatshirt from a day camp I attended called (and I kid you not) "Camp Penguin". I got car sick on the first day of camp and almost threw up on the couselor who was driving the station wagen that picked us day campers up each morning. Camp Penguin was decidedly not a high point in my childhood.
The iconic Packard-Bamberger store that, for decades, graced downtown Hackensack. This was the go-to place for exotic food stuffs, like chocolate covered ants and fried or pickled grasshoppers! I used to love perusing the myriad bottles in the store, vowing that I'd never, ever eat any insects! This turned out to be a very easy to keep vow. Would you look at those 1930's cars!!!
Downtown Hackensack as most of us remember it. This photo has me recalling Arnold Constable, Kartches' men's store, Lowitt's men's store (where classmate Frank Calabrese worked part-time as a salesman for many years), the Fox and Oritani movie theaters, the number 102 Public Service bus that took us from the Heights along Terrace Avenue to downtown Hackensack, and the office of the draft board, where, sadly, all of us guys had to register when we turned eighteen.
The Paramus Roller Rink which occupied a huge chunk of land on northbound Route 17 in Paramus. As a former competitive roller skater, I've been to many a rink, and this was the only one I encountered that had a bar attached to it. Adults could actually skate from the rink into the bar and skate back out with a beer or a mixed drink. What a horrible idea, right? Skating is dangerous enough without rolling around snockered!
On the left, we have Nick Cutillo showing one of his championship Maltese dogs, and on the right we have the cover of the acclaimed book that Nick wrote about the breed he so loved. Nick was a multi-faceted man, with prodigious talents in a variety of fields. His tragic, untimely death was a shock to us all.
The 50th Reunion Committee started work early. Here they are at Carol DiPisa William's beach front house during the summer of 2013.  From left the right:  Carol DiPisa Willaims John Giaimo (squatting), Rich Thomasey, Rob Russo (sitting), Maria Caccamese Benkovic, Cynthia Baran McBrearty, Peter Giaimo, and Daryl Grant Lindsay (Rob's partner)
For decades, the foursome of Frank Calabrese, Bob Grosso, Pete DeLuca and Bruce Sortori have met for an annual golf getaway. The year this photo was taken, circa 1998, these fast friends gathered in Ocean City, Maryland. Missing from the picture is Pete DeLuca, who was the photographer
Following the 50th reunion, the Reunion Committee met for a debriefing in Cape May, N.J. From left to right: Rob Russo, Carol DiPisa Williams, Jo-Ann Barnao Glock, Laura Thomasey, Rich Thomasey
Rob Russo unwinding in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1978
Ernie Siraki in a photo taken at our 45th reunion in 2010
This photo, captioned "5th Period Hootenany" appeared in our yearbook
Gary Weedo in his later years.
Proud grandpa, Frank Calabrese, with some of the grandkids. You may notice that blue eyes appear to be a dominant genetic family trait.
John Hank at our 45th reunion held at The Crow's Nest in 2010
Kathy Luciano still cut an elegant figure in her later years
Eileen Raes Dragon in a somewhat blurry photo taken circa 2014. Sorry I couldn't make the image larger due to the poor quality of the original photo.
A wonderful photo of John Giaimo taken (I would guess) circa 2010.​​
Group shot from the 45th reunion in 2010. From left to right: Maria Caccamese Benkovic, Rob Russo, Carol DiPisa Williams, Cynthia Baran McBrearty, Pete Giaimo, Margie Colanari Schultz, Ernie Siraki, and Jo-Ann Barnao Glock
Quite a few of our classmates at HHHS spent their elementary school years at Corpus Christi. In this 1958 fifth grade photo, I managed to positively identify only two of our classmates, and possibly three more . Maybe you'll have better luck. I definitely spotted Maryann Wall and Joe Bertone, but may have also spotted Pete DeLuca, Kathy Luciano and Frank Rizzo. Gotta mention: that nun had one serious habit! Scary!
On senior prom night in 1965, we elected our king and queen: Tommy Sullivan and Carole Langer.
The Lincoln Tunnel under construction, circa 1934. My first time driving through the tunnel, I'd "borrowed" my father's new car without permission, and almost crashed it against one of the tunnel's tiled walls!
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