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Let's Have Fun With Classmates' Names!
As far back as I can remember, I've been fascinated by names --- especially the "What ifs" applied to names. For example, I worked with a woman named Marcia Sprankle at the same time I knew a chef named Randolf Sprinkle. So what, I mused, if Marcia had married Randolf? Well, then she'd be Marcia Sprankle Sprinkle! I loved the idea of it. Likewise, I was tickled to learn that Mr. Lear, of Lear Jet fame, named his daughter Shanda! See, these things that I think about with names can really happen! But it all goes back farther than that. In early childhood (around age seven), I wanted to change my name to Derek Lindquist. My sister, a real snot and older by some ten years, snidely offered that I should consider changing my name to Derek Crane and thereby cement my image as a total asshole. Did I mention that my sister and I are estranged?​​

In our high school days, while walking home with Maryann Wall and Linda LaBarba one balmy afternoon, I got in big trouble with Linda when, in passing, she happened to mention that she had an older sister . . . named Barbara. Thinking/hoping she was surely kidding, I guffawed and said, "Barbara LaBarba??? What were your parents smoking when they named her?" Well, Linda didn't find me humourous in the least, so she began visciously hitting me with her substantial purse, which must have been filled with books (she was. after all, unfailingly studious) because she managed in inflict some excruciatingly painful welts on my arms! While working on this website one night, I was suddenly reminded of the LaBarba debacle, and it got me thinking about what other interesting names could be fabricated by manipulating our classmates' monikers. A shot or two of apricot brandy later, I came up with the following: What if Franks Rizzo's ex-wife, nee Donna Clause, had married Santo Sorce instead of Frank? Then she would have been Mrs. Santo Clause Sorce! Ho, Ho, Ho! Bad, right? Okay so what if our two classmates Pete DeLuca and Larry Duca happend to be gay (Relax. They're not) and that gay marriage had been legal when we were young. The result would have been either Peter DeLua Duca or Larry Duca DeLuca. Hey! I didn't say all of these manipulations would be clever!

What if Bob Osol and his wife had been super toking and named their first born "Jolly"? Correct . . . Jolly Osol! Remember? Old King Cole was a jolly Osol? Ugh. What if the Solomayer twins had married the Giaimo twins? Both sisters could then have signed their names J. Solomayer Giaimo! What if Mr. John Fedele (the history teacher/esteemed football coach) had a daughter named "Nelly"? And what if Carole Langer had married our drama teacher, Mr. Robert Lang? She'd have been Mrs. Carole Langer-Lang. And just suppose Mr. Monti had a son named Monty! And what if Danny Moore had married Broadway star Melba Moore. She'd then have been Melba Moore Moore! I can really get off on the alliteration.

How about Dennis Boyd naming his son Lloyd? Or Maureen Benny staying single and having a son she named Benjamin? Or Gerry Bonanno having a daughter named Chiquita? Or Carol Fila naming her daughter Twila? Or Paul Gac naming his son Mack? Or John Hank naming his son Henry, but the kid annoyingly preferred the nickname "Hank"? Oy!

Speaking of names . . . can you name the three Hughes' in our class? They were Sharon, Maureen and David. And can you name our  four  sets of class of '65 twins? I've already mentioned two: the Solomayer's and the Giaimo's, but there are two more sets. You'll likely guess the fraternal set of Bruce and Mary Ann Sartori, but you may not realize that Nick Cutillo was also a twin! Sadly, I'm told that Nick's identical brother died in childhood as a reult of a tragic car crash.

Back to the insanity: What if actress Susan Lucci had married Joe Iannucci? Right! Susan Lucci Iannucci. Has a ring to it! What if classmate Richard Kammerer had a sick sense of humor (like mine and the aforementioned Mr. Lear) and named his kid "Kodak" or "Nikon" or "Canon"? Or what if Judy Krause had married English teacher Theodore Knauss (heaven help her!). Presenting Mrs. Judith Krause Knauss.

Now . . . what if Kathy Viehl had married married rose Marsala's brother? That's it. We'd have had Kathy Viehl Marsala! Getting hungry? How about Joan Mirandy with a kid named Brandi? What about Eileen Patey flying out to Hollywood and marrying Warren Beatty? Then there's the crazy scenario where Janet Penny marries Johnny Cash or perhaps classmate Peter Price; or how about Cira Profit marrying either of those two guys? Weird. What if a daughter of the Ronzoni Macaroni Company people had married our own Matt Sonzogni? What if Anita Tort had become a lawyer? Or how about Midge Tutungian having packed on the pounds big time and then signing on as a contestant on "The Biggest Losers" weight loss reality show? And finally, you're certianly old enough to understand this last gasp effort on my part (just think airport allusion): What if George and Mariruth Wild had a daughter they named "Ida"?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my apricot brandy fueled romp with our classmates' names, and I also hope no one mentioned in my "what ifs" is offended. If you are, then you probably need the apricot brandy much more than I do. I'll be sending you a complimentary bottle soon.
Below is a challenging crossword puzzle I created for the booklet that was distributed at our 45th class reunion.
The clues are listed below, and the solution to the puzzle is shown on the "More Memories" page of this
website . . . a necessary measure . . . to discourage cheating. If you're able to complete the puzzle, be sure to let me know. I'll then arrange for you see a good therapist who'll help you to resist living so much in the past.
Yes, I'm aware of what this says about me. But, then, I already have a therapist. Evidently not a very good one.

6.    Classmate who sings like an angel
8.    Non-yellow cab in New York City
9.    Church at the corner of Kipp Avenue and The Boulevard
11.  Where the girls with "Big Hair" hung out
12.  What they called a hotdog at HoJo's
16.   Carole Ann Langer's husband
18.   Makes a great dental impression
23.   Voted our cutest guy
26.   Store with the giant mural on Route 4
28.   Italian deli on The Boulevard
30.   Fisher's soda jerk who became a college professor
32.   Taught many of us the difference between "lie" and "lay"
36.   Hotdog haven named after its portly proprietor
37.   Our high school newspaper
38.   Unlikely name for a Home Ec. teacher
39.   Female "Most Likely To Succeed"
40.   First name of male "Class Wit"
41.   Our Color Guard Captain
42.   Ice cream emporium on Route 4
43.   Midge's first name before she legally changed it
44.   Our head cheerleader
45.   Number of guys in our class named "Frank"
47.   Driving instructor with good chemistry
50.   Season our senior prom lauded
51.   Group that sang "Ruby Tuesday"


1.     Classmate who became a fashion designer and a Maltese dog authority
2.     Oak __________ Avenue
3.     Airporst just east of town
4.     Third Honors student; affectionately nicknamed "Moose"
5.     "Orange Workhorse" who carved out a military career
7.     Nicknamed "Jersey Joe"
10.   Head baseball coach in 1965
14.   The name of our yearbook
15.   Brand of car they sold at Kundert Motors on Route 17 North
17.   Our hirsute principal
19.   60's girl singing group or a pie topping
20.   Nearby town with the weirdest name
21.   Fuzzy sweater or our Superintendent of Schools
22.   Best friends with Bill Foley
24.   The athletic field now bears his name
25.   First names of our male class twins (alphabetical)
27.   Twiggy popularized false ones
29.   Park at the end of Harrison Avenue
31.   Food most often ordered at Jif-Jiffy's
33.   What the Heights phone exchange used to be
34.   "Most Dependable" female classmate
35.   Became a member of the clergy
36.   Site of our 45th reunion
46.   Where the 102 bus took you
48.   Teacher who "jokingly" said the Beatles had died in a plane crash
49.   Ford dealership on the circle

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